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-The CPA Executive Board
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Kimberly Carlson

LACounty Office of Education
Career Development Program Specialist
1050 E Palmdale Blvd. Ste 207B Palmdale, CA
Breakout Session: A.P.T To Succeed! Creating Strong Partnerships by Understanding Your Role in the Process" 2/27/2020 3pm - 4pm Sugar Pine Room.
Wednesday, February 26

12:00pm AKST

1:00pm AKST

1:15pm AKST

2:15pm AKST

3:30pm AKST

4:15pm AKST

6:00pm AKST

6:15pm AKST

Thursday, February 27

8:00am AKST

9:00am AKST

10:00am AKST

10:45am AKST

11:00am AKST

12:15pm AKST

1:15pm AKST

1:35pm AKST

1:45pm AKST

2:45pm AKST

3:00pm AKST

4:00pm AKST

4:15pm AKST

5:15pm AKST

6:00pm AKST

Friday, February 28

8:00am AKST

8:30am AKST

9:00am AKST

10:15am AKST

10:30am AKST

11:30am AKST

12:30pm AKST